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Collectibles – Final Fantasy VII

“Survival can be a matter of luck or skill. And you can’t rely on luck.”

Hello there!

Today we have a short post with collectible miniatures, representing heroes from Final Fantasy VII.

In this video game players follow a story of Cloud Strife, member of eco-terrorists group known as AVALANCHE. The group’s target is to fight with Shinra Electric Power Company, a mega-corporation that wants to drain the planet’s lifeblood as an energy source and use it for their own purposes and profits.

All these models are 3D printed and painted by our talented Artists. Remember that we don’t only paint miniatures from wargames. You can make a commission for your favorite characters that we can print on our 3D printers and paint them for you!

As an example you can also see Undeads & Goblins painted by our team!

We hope you like it and see you tomorrow!

Over and out, MFW Crew

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