Minis For War Painting Studio

Collectibles – 15mm miniatures

Mix of 15mm collectible miniatures

We want to show you universal miniatures in 15mm scale. They feature a variety of armie and can be used in many different wargames, but also as a display part due to their details to size ratio.

Dwarves are a fictional species often depicted in mythology and fantasy literature. They are typically characterized as short, stout, and skilled in metallurgy and mining. In many stories, they are known for their bravery and loyalty, as well as their tendency to hoard treasure. Dwarves are often associated with axes, hammers, and other heavy weapons.

Polish soldiers are members of the armed forces of Poland. Poland has a long and storied military history, with its soldiers fighting in many major conflicts throughout the centuries. During World War II, Polish soldiers played a significant role in the Allied effort, with many serving in the Polish Armed Forces in the West. Today, Polish soldiers continue to serve in various conflicts around the world, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are known for their bravery, discipline, and professionalism.

Orcs are a fictional species often depicted in fantasy literature and role-playing games. They are typically portrayed as brutish and violent, with green skin and protruding tusks. In many stories, they are associated with evil and darkness and are often depicted as enemies of other fantasy races, such as humans and elves. Orcs are often skilled in warfare and are known for their ferocity in battle.

Ogres are a type of mythical creature often depicted as large, brutish, and unintelligent. They are typically known for their love of human flesh and are sometimes portrayed as man-eaters. Ogres are often depicted in folklore and fairy tales, where they serve as antagonists or villains. In some stories, they are portrayed as dim-witted and easily tricked.


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