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Build Your Army: Shadow Collective

Hello there!

Here we go with a fifth and last article from our series that is a little follow-up and a complement of our “Start Collecting”. Today we want to spot some Shadow Collective lists, according to our text that was published last month. In this series I will spot 3 lists per article, showcasing meta choices as well as some just-4-fun lists. Here we go!

Maul Pykes Good Stuff (can compete with meta and win)

One of the most powerful Shadow Collective archetypes. Similar list won the London Grand Tournament in 2021 (points went up in December, but the core of the list remains the same). You can read an interview with the LGT champion HERE.

This list is built around Maul doing Maul things, when your opponent is unstoppably poked by your very dodgy Pyke units. In addition you have 2 units of Black Sun Enforcers, which can perform some very heavy hits right into your opponent vehicles or troopers with their 1R, 7B, 4W attacks at range 1, when they can totally ignore opponent Cover with Blast keyword, change 3 hits to crits when attacking armored unit (Impact 3) and surging into crits.

Very strong list as long as you learnt how to play Maul and protect him.

Raiding Party Leader Strategy (for fun, well, definitely YOUR fun)

Very funny list to the player who plays it and not-that-fun to the opposite player.

Core of your list and the trick here is that due to the Raiding Party Leader, every vehicle in your list (oh, nearly HALF of list) gains Demoralize 1. That means you can put up to 5 suppression tokens on your opponent unit through each round. Swoop Bikes can technically attack 3 times in their activation, Pykes pokes your opponent with P13-Ms and both A-A5es serve as a mobile cover and support platform.

Definitely worth trying if you have 2 A-A5 Trucks!

Gar Saxon Mando Commando (for fun that can compete with meta)

Good list for shooting and even better for playing objectives like supplies or vaporators.

Here you have good ranged attacks (Mando rockets), Pykes pokes, pretty high resilience and strong short range fire power. In addition to that, you have extremely fast Mandalorians for catching objectives. Playing around them and performing a wise fire exchange is your clue to win.

If you like Mandalorians or Gar Saxon himself here is your go-to list.

I hope this article helps you with your choice of “Which list to build?” and see you in our next articles!

Over, Gerard MFW


Writer: Gerard “Alchemistttt” Zyśk

Reviser: Bartosz Chrulski


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