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New Wave of Battle Ready Bases!

A Brand New Wave of Battle Ready Bases have hit our webstore!

A few new patterns of Battle Ready Bases have hit our webstore recently. This post will be a little showcase. You can click on the names of Bases to go straight to our webstore offer.

Claustrophobic and utilitarian, the alien vessel’s innards hum with a symphony of unseen gears and pistons. Smooth, metallic panels snake across the walls, occasionally hissing open to reveal banks of whirring machinery, their purpose a mystery. Cables as thick as a man’s arm weave through the chamber. The air is heavy with the metallic tang of ozone and the rhythmic groan of the ship straining against the unknown forces propelling it through the void.

A fetid expanse where twisted cypress knees claw at the inky water and gnarled branches form a skeletal canopy overhead. Here, the very air hangs heavy, thick with the stench of decay and the whispers of forgotten malice.

Welcome to the Junkyard! Here, the twisted skeletons of colossal starships, monuments to bygone industrial age, litter the landscape. These hulks are a treasure trove for the gnomes, their nimble fingers transforming scrap into ingenious fortresses.

The Frozen Lake. A glassy expanse reflecting a bruised winter sky, its surface unmarked by the usual flurry of snow. An unnatural stillness hangs heavy in the air, broken only by the occasional crackle of the ice itself. Beneath the frozen surface, secrets slumber, encased in a tomb of glimmering blue. The locals speak of whispers carried on the wind, voices trapped within the icy depths, forever yearning to be heard.

The Ash Wastes sprawl out like a festering wound on the world, a vast expanse of grey, cracked earth. The sky hangs low, a bruised and lifeless expanse mirroring the desolation below. The wind, a constant moan, carries the fine grit of ash, a perpetual reminder of the fiery cataclysm that birthed this wasteland.

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