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Board Games: The Hunters A. D. 2114

Hello Wargamers! During this week we will be focusing on our board game projects! The first entry will be devoted to a cooperative game – The Hunters A. D. 2114

Anno Dominum 2114. New sources of energy and advanced technology allowed humanity to create nearly self-sufficient machines. Serving mankind in
every field of economy, replacing farmers, doctors and eliminating the need for regular armies or security services almost completly. The machines were controlled by special control centers and safety systems. Even they could not prevent us from the cataclysm. A meteorite of an unprecedented size struck the Earth causing a sudden wave of immense heat, destroying nearly completly the whole planet. Darkness fell changing the climate entirely. With lack of controlling systems machines had broken loose, got wild and now are posing a threat to those, who has survived.

Personally I am a big fan on post-apocalyptic universe, so had some great time working on that project! The miniatures are pretty well designed and manufactured. Really like the the diversity you can find in the box. If you cannot decide either you want to collect Tyranids, Space Marines or Tau, The Hunters A. D. 2114 is the way to go! 😀 Very satisfied with overall look of the game! Stay tuned!

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