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Board Game – Resident Evil

Heya Board Gamers!

Today we have a Board Game based on a popular japanese game from Capcom studio.

“Resident Evil 3: The Board Game” is a cooperative survival horror board game based on the popular video game franchise “Resident Evil.” Players work together to complete missions and gather resources as they attempt to survive a zombie-infested city. The game is played over a series of rounds, with players taking turns to move their characters, perform actions, and resolve encounters. The modular board provides a different play experience each time the game is played, and the difficulty levels can be adjusted to provide a greater or lesser challenge. The primary threat in the game is zombies, which come in several different varieties, each with unique abilities and strengths. A typical playthrough takes about 1-2 hours, and the goal is to complete all of the story missions and reach the extraction point before time runs out. 

With its cooperative play, high-quality components, and immersive storyline, “Resident Evil 3: The Board Game” is a great addition to any board game collection.

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