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Board Game – Fields of Eternia

Unleash Nostalgy with The Masters of the Universe Board Game

Step into the nostalgic world of the 80s with “Fields of Eternia,” the captivating new board game from Archon Studio, that immerses you in the legendary universe of Masters of the Universe. The game had their own campaign of Gamefound. Embark on a thrilling journey through the mystical land of Eternia, where you’ll take command of iconic Heroes and Villains, including fan-favorites like He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra, Evil-Lyn, and more, each beautifully crafted in stunning 32mm detail.

As you venture through the diverse landscapes of Eternia, from majestic mountains to dense forests and treacherous swamp lands, you’ll encounter familiar foes and monsters on your quests to power up your chosen characters. Tame wild beasts to ride across the plains and into epic battles, while completing missions to seize control of key locations throughout the land, enhancing your power and influence.

“Fields of Eternia” isn’t just a board game; it’s an adventure-driven tactics and strategy masterpiece that offers both solo and cooperative gameplay. Rally your troops, recruit companions, and complete exciting quests while collecting ancient artifacts and constructing powerful vehicles, all in your quest to conquer Eternia. The game offers multiple modes, including a compelling solo adventure against an AI card deck, ensuring hours of thrilling gameplay whether you’re flying solo or teaming up with friends.

The heart of “Fields of Eternia” lies in its strategic depth and dynamic gameplay. Choose your faction wisely, assembling a team of three champions from a roster of six, each choice influencing your starting location, interactions, and even your unique vehicle. Engage in intense battles using the innovative combat system, where deckbuilding is crucial to your success. Collect legendary artifacts, spend Eternium to acquire equipment and spells, and prepare for unexpected events, storyline quests, and unique plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you’re aiming to thwart the forces of Evil or seeking to claim the power of Castle Grayskull for yourself, “Fields of Eternia” offers a wealth of choices and opportunities. Control outposts to establish dominance, deploy up to 15 soldiers alongside your heroes, and strategically spread your troops across different areas. Engage in trade, visit merchants and forges, and make tactical decisions that will shape the fate of Eternia itself.

“Fields of Eternia” seamlessly blends captivating storytelling, nostalgic charm, and engaging gameplay to create an unforgettable tabletop experience. Relieve the magic of the Masters of the Universe universe as you embark on epic campaigns, level up your characters, and engage in battles that will determine the fate of Eternia. Will you emerge as the ultimate conqueror, or will the forces of Evil prevail? The destiny of Eternia is in your hands.

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