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Board Game – District 9

“I’m not going to lie, I believe that aliens are already here.”

Hello there!

Here we want to present you District 9: The Board Game, a competitive 2–4 person game that allows players to rediscover the sci-fi classic from a completely different angle. By interacting with the local populace, recognizable characters, and other players while playing as a group from the District 9 universe, players compete for control of the district and its technological resources.

The game takes place over the three days that the movie’s events do. Players begin by setting up various district tiles to create a dynamic game board. The board may be created differently each time you play thanks to the diversity of different-shaped district tiles. Players then set up their starting tile at the edge of the district, simulating where they have strategically chosen to enter. Players control their faction in an effort to salvage the biggest stockpile of extraterrestrial technology. They use orders to move their forces around the board and cards to enhance their skills. The conflict in District 9 worsens as the rivalry intensifies. The stakes keep rising as a result of Wikus’ actions during the prawn evictions and the subsequent manhunt, up to the dramatic conclusion in which Wikus dons the prawn mech suit for his valiant last stand. The winner is the one who can survive the mayhem of war and recover the most alien technologies.

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