Black Powder – Polish Vistula Legion / Review

Hey! Today I would like to share with you short review/unboxing of Polish Vistula Legion.

Box is important – I saw so many producers who still do not understand it. Luckily Warlord Games is not one of them. On box we have lovely graphic on front and picture of painted unit & historical brief on back. Unfortunately cardboard is very thin and it’s easy to tear/bend it.

Inside we have 24 miniatures and pack of heads for conversions. On one of Black Powder facebook groups I received information that heads are not 100% historical correctly and it is hard to assembly full, proper unit. I am not purist so no salt on my side.

All minis come in 5 plastic sprues with body, backpacks and heads (we will not use them). Unique command squad is casted in metal. As you may see, main part of Vistula Legion is repacked from French Line Infantry box.

Quality of plastic minis is very good. Plastic injection points are in good spots and it’s easy to remove them. Mould lines are light and easy to remove too.

Metal models and heads are fine. Mould lines are light, tiny and easy to remove. Of course there are some problematic spots, but with good file and steady hand it will be not so hard

Command squad has a lot of details and nice sculpts – especially musician. We can talk about proportions of human body, hands but… I am ok with overall design.

Plastic parts are very solid and hard. It is not easy to even bend the gun so you should not be worry about it. I like number of tiny details on whole miniature – it will be a nice challenge to paint it! I am not XIX century warfare specialist but everything looks close to real unifroms and gear.

It is worth to notice that inside the box you have no bases. I decided to use laser-cut HDF bases (you may see them in my previous Black Powder post about Napoleon Old Guard).

I hope you find this short review as useful. If yes – please let me know in comments section ? In my workshop i have dozens of nice boxes and if you like this version of unboxing… Anyway – below you have last picture of whole assembled unit.

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