Our company would like to offer you our passion, dedication and years worth of experience in professional miniatures & terrains painting.

We truly love working with alternative models and believe Minis For War can help you developing your company, attracting new clients and taking your miniatures to the next level! We believe selling is all about feelings. Having your miniatures beautifully painted by our artists will interact a lot better with customers imagination and overall look of the model.

How can we help your business?

• Professional photos of your painted products, ready to be posted on your website and social media

• Access to our 3D-printer, no need to send your actual models to our studio

• Real assets for marketing materials

• Perfectly prepared models for trade fairs and shows

• Much more attractive Kickstarter campaigns

• Top-notch communication

• Your models will be ready in time – our studio works with 12 talented artists and B2B partnership is our priority

• Fast and safe delivery with our partner – UPS

• VAT invoice

• Our experience based on co-working with brands such as Kromlech (Tabletop Scenics -> Gaming series), Archon Studio (Rampart Terrains, Kickstarter), III Gotten Games

If you would like to talk details please, contact us using an e-mail: minisforwar@gmail.com

Looking forward to our future partnership!

MFW Team