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ASOIAF – House Targaryen

Rytsas Friends!

Yesterday a new Game of Thrones series premiered. In the new show we can witness the history of House Targaryen from the Known World; the series takes place 200 years before the main story. Make yourself comfortable and plunge into the world of intrigues, homicides and betrayals.

We want to make your immersion even better with our House Targaryen models from A Song of Ice and Fire game by CMON. On the photos you can see young princess Daenerys, a Magister of a free city of Pentos – Illyrio Mopatis and some Dothraki units, like Outriders, Veterans and Screamers, led by Khal Drogo himself!

Geros Ilas and see you in the next post!

Over and out, MFW crew

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