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ASOIAF – Baratheon & Lannister

Heya y’all!

Today we have some miniatures from A Song of Ice and Fire for you!

House Baratheon is a Great House in Westeros known for its strength and determination. The House was founded by Orys Baratheon, a legendary warrior with a rumored connection to King Aegon the Conqueror. Their sigil is a black stag on a yellow field, symbolizing power and sovereignty, and their motto is “Ours is the Fury”. The Baratheons ruled from the Stormlands, with their seat at the impregnable fortress of Storm’s End. During the events of Game of Thrones, Robert Baratheon led a rebellion against the Targaryens, resulting in his ascension to the Iron Throne as King of the Seven Kingdoms. However, Robert’s rule was plagued by political turmoil, leading to the events of the series. Despite its challenges, House Baratheon remains a prominent force in Westeros.

House Lannister is a powerful Great House in Westeros, known for their wealth and cunning. The House was founded by Lann the Clever, who is said to have won Casterly Rock through wit and trickery. Their sigil is a golden lion on a crimson field, symbolizing bravery and might, and their motto is “Hear Me Roar!”. The Lannisters rule the Westerlands, with their seat at the luxurious and imposing Casterly Rock. Throughout the events of Game of Thrones, House Lannister plays a major role, often using their wealth and influence to manipulate and control events in the Seven Kingdoms. Despite their cunning and power, the Lannisters are not immune to tragedy and political turmoil, making them a complex and multifaceted House in the world of Westeros.

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