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AoS – Kharadron Overlords Army

Hello Wargamers!

The Kharadron Overlords are one of the most mysterious AoS fractions. Those fearless duardin aeronauts sail the clouds in steel-clad vessels armed to the teeth with highly advanced weapons, such like cannons, bullet-spraying deckguns and bombs. These technological wonders are powered by the lighter-than-air mineral known as aether-gold – the lifeblood of the great Kharadron empire.

In my opinion, Kharadron Overlords are one of the coolest-looking miniatures in whole Age of Sigmar range. Their sculpts are really unique, pretty confident, they’ll appeal to all steampunk fans. Painting-wise, we decided to break the original scheme by a little and make it more vivid. As you can see main colors are different shades of blues and rusty gold, creating very interesting contrast between them. Our team had tons of fan accomplishing this awesome project, hope you’ll enjoy results of our work! On the pictures you’ll also find some Arkanauts with some really interesting water bases!

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