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AoS – Karios Fateweaver

Howdy Wargamers!

Karios Fateweaver, also known as Oracle of Tzeentch, is a two-headed, greater demon of Tzeentch. He is the mightest of the Lords of Change, blessed with the knowledge of their Chaos God. concerning the fate and destiny.

I believe Karios is on of those models, that now matter what, always grab a lot of attention. He’s is also usually one of the most representative miniatures on the tabletop and kind of creates the overall look of the army. I am incredibly happy, our Client decided to go with high standard, as it allowed us to unlock the full potential of this majestic model. Generally speaking, the painting job was inspired by original boxart with darker torso and imho much more interesting base. I am truly happy how Karios turned out, it was a great project! Stay tuned, more AoS posts are incoming.

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