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AoS – Ironjawz

History of Ironjawz Orruks from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Ghur is a harsh and dangerous realm, where only the strong survive and the weak are preyed upon. This brutal environment is well-suited for the Ironjawz, a warclan of savage Orruks who thrive on endless warfare, whether it’s against other Orruks, ferocious beasts, or Chaos warriors. Just as an Orruk boss asserts dominance over their warclan, the Ironjawz dominate Ghur’s wilderness. Their presence is marked by crude monuments to Gorkamorka, shattered forests, and mountains reduced to rubble.

In the past, the Realm of Beasts was home to noble empires ruled by beast lords and hunter kings. The Ironjawz toppled these civilizations one by one, regardless of their allegiances. To counter the greenskins, their enemies constructed elaborate defenses, but none could withstand the sheer brutality of the Ironjawz.

As the Ironjaw armies ravaged Ghur, they grew in number and organization, forming Fists and larger groups called Brawls under mighty Megabosses. They expanded into other Mortal Realms, answering Gorkamorka’s call to war in various lands. Ironjawz are nomadic and do not build cities; they move from place to place, asserting dominance by either conquering or incorporating others into their mob.

Orruks respect strength above all else, and other clans quickly fall in line with the Ironjawz. Grot tribes tend to avoid them, but sometimes join forces for specific tasks. Ironjawz are known for their distinctive acts of vandalism, such as defacing a statue of Archaon three times, each time in a more insulting manner.

During the Age of Chaos, the Ironjawz fought relentlessly against the forces of Chaos, relishing the continuous bloodshed. Legendary Chaos lords tried to subdue them, but the Ironjawz remained unyielding. This era made them stronger, with ample iron to loot and the rise of formidable Megabosses.

Despite the initial attempts to exterminate the Orruks during the Age of Chaos, the greenskins thrive across the realms today, while their would-be conquerors have fallen. Ironjawz were particularly strong in Ghur, but their warclans stirred trouble throughout the realms. Wars led by Ironjaw bosses were exceptionally destructive. The rise of the Great Waaagh! is foreseen, and as it builds, Ironjawz wreak havoc across the Mortal Realms, ambushing armies, attacking garrisons, and seeking out Realmgates to unleash their fury.

Their indiscriminate actions have disrupted the plans of many commanders, leading to the destruction of garrisons and cities. Ironjawz have changed the course of the Realmgate Wars by their unpredictable and violent actions. While other commanders may analyze their tactics, the Ironjawz simply follow their instincts: wherever there’s war, they gather, and wherever there are enemies to crush, a Megaboss leads the way.

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