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AoS – Ironjawz Reinforcements

Unleash the Fury of the Ironjawz: A Lore of the Warlike Orruks of Age of Sigmar

The Ironjawz are a warlike and savage race of orruks who are obsessed with the thrill of battle. They are known for their fierce loyalty to their leaders, known as Megabosses, who are the most powerful and respected members of their society.

The Ironjawz are known for their love of fighting and their belief in the concept of “da biggest and da strongest”. They believe that the biggest and strongest warriors are the ones who deserve to lead and that the only way to prove oneself is through battle.

Their society is organized into what is known as a “Waaagh!”, which is a massive war party that is led by a Megaboss. The Waaagh! is made up of a number of different clans, each with their own unique culture and traditions. The clans are united under the leadership of the Megaboss, who is the strongest and most fearsome warrior in the Waaagh!

In battle, the Ironjawz are known for their brutal tactics and their willingness to charge headlong into their enemies. They use a variety of weapons, including choppas, gore-hackas, and smasha’s, to crush their opponents in close combat.

The Ironjawz also have a strong connection to the power of Waaagh! energy, which is a form of magical energy that is generated by their love of battle and their sheer ferocity. This energy can be harnessed by powerful orruks, known as Weirdnobz, who use it to cast powerful spells and summon units of Brutes, the elite soldiers of the Ironjawz.

Overall, the Ironjawz are a race of fierce warriors who are driven by their love of battle and their desire to prove themselves as the biggest and strongest orruks in the Mortal Realms. Their society is built around the concept of strength and power, and their tactics on the battlefield reflect their brutal and uncompromising nature.

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