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AoS – Eidolon of Manthlann, Archaon, Keepers of Secrets

Hello Wargamers!

Hope you and your beloved ones are safe and doing great! As far as I see, you really enjoyed an entry dedicated to Bloodthirsters, so decided to follow the blow and handpicked some of larger-scale AoS projects we’ve been working on lately.

On the first glance, sizeable models might be easier to paint, obviously due to the size, but this is just a tip of the iceberg. To make huge models look really incredible, every single detail need to be picked up, large pieces such like cloths, skin, fur etc. also need a lot of attention, or else, they’ll just look flat. On the other hand, there is that special, rewarding feeling, which you get after finishing such miniature. It’s always worth it!

Bellow, you will find picture featuring Eidolon of Manthlann, Archaon, Keepers of Secrets. Which one do you like best? Stay tuned!

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