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Unleash the Fury of Your Age of Sigmar Army

Is your Age of Sigmar army looking a bit…meh? Maybe your Ogor Mawtribes could use a more savage look, or your Daughters of Khaine need a fiercer paint job? We hear you! 

Painting minis take forever, and who wants their awesome warriors to just blend in? 

That’s where Minis For War comes in! Our crack team of artists will transform your miniatures from table-ready to table-toppers. We’ll capture every detail, from the blood-soaked axes of your Khorne warriors to the shimmering scales of your Idoneth Deepkin.

Skaventide Launch Box Hype? Breathe Life into Your AoS Miniatures

The new Age of Sigmar 4th Edition Skaventide Launch Box is almost here, and you’re itching to unleash the fury of your Skaven or the celestial might of your Stormcast Eternals. But painting all those minis can feel like a never-ending quest!

Don’t let that stop you from experiencing the epic battles of Skaventide. Minis For War is here to help! Our skilled artists will transform your miniatures from plastic to powerful, capturing every detail and breathing life into your chosen faction. 

Imagine your Stormcast Eternals radiating celestial power, or your Skaven swarming with a horrifyingly awesome verdigris. Let us make your army the centerpiece of your collection, a true reflection of your passion for the Age of Sigmar universe.

Getting ready for the new Age of Sigmar?

New Ossiarch Bonereapers or Gloomspite Gitz? We Paint Every AoS Army!

Just picked up the latest Ossiarch Bonereapers to bolster your Death army, or maybe you’re starting a Gloomspite Gitz scrapheap? No matter your chosen faction, Minis For War is here to bring your Age of Sigmar army to life! 

Our passionate artists are experts in painting every Grand Alliance, from the savage fury of Khorne’s daemons to the shimmering beauty of Idoneth Deepkin. So whether you want your Bonereapers to radiate a bone-chilling chill or your Grots to look extra mischievous, we’ll capture every detail and make your army the ultimate showpiece on the battlefield.

Want Your Ogor Mawtribe Even More Savage? We Make Your AoS Army Visions Reality!

We get it, gamers – you want your miniatures to be as unique as your battle strategies! That’s why Minis For War offers tons of customization options to make your painted army truly yours. 

One customer wanted his Ogor Mawtribes to look extra brutal, so we added gruesome trophies and a grungy, blood-spattered basing scheme. Another player loved the vibrant colors of the new Lumineth Realmbearers, so we went all-out with shimmering blues and glowing effects. 

No matter your vision, our artists will work with you to capture every detail, from custom battle damage to specific unit markings. Let us turn your ideas into a stunning, one-of-a-kind Age of Sigmar army!

New Spearhead Box Got You Pumped for Smaller Battles? We Paint All AoS Armies!

The Age of Sigmar 4th Edition Spearhead boxes are awesome for quick, action-packed games, but who wants to fight with bland minis? Here at Minis For War, we paint all Grand Alliances, from the ethereal beauty of the new Soulblight Gravelords to the brutal savagery of Khorne’s Bloodbound. 

So whether you’re leading a lightning-fast Skaven horde or a thunderous Fyreslayers army in Spearhead, our artists will make your force stand out. Don’t settle for boring minis – get a paint job as epic as your battle tactics and dominate the battlefield in style!

Ready to Unleash the Potential of Your AoS Army?

Don’t settle for mediocre miniatures – elevate your Age of Sigmar experience with Minis For War’s premium painting service. Explore our website to see our extensive portfolio, learn more about our customization options, and discover the various commission packages we offer. 

Let our passionate artists transform your miniatures into stunning representations of the Warhammer universe. Contact us today to discuss your project and unlock the full potential of your AoS army!

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