Minis For War Painting Studio

Age of Sigmar/ 9th age: Ossiarch Bonereapers Showcase

We would imagine, Halloween of 2020 is probably very different from previous ones. No costume parties, no trick-or-treating, is there any way to still catch the spirit? Hell yeah! Today our team is presenting you one of the spooooookiest projects we ever delt with – Ossiarch Bonereapers from Age of Sigmar! Get yourself comfortable and enjoy the showcase.

Many believe the Bonereapers are Nagash’s greatest creation. They are endless hordes of skeletal constructs, forged as elite legions to serve their Supreme Lord of the Undead. The army is massive! On the pictures you will find: Arkhan the Black, Boneshaper, Harvester, Soulmason, Mortek Guards, Endless Spells, Bone Tithe Nexus and Crawlers.

The whole project was quite challenging, but very rewarding. We are always super excited finishing an army. That very first look, when we put them together, gives the whole team a blast! Our main idea for the models was to make them look ghostly and eerie. We tried to achieve it by using very vivid colors to create an illusion of glowing. Pretty happy how they turned out. Stay tuned and happy Halloween!

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