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Adepticon – Warhammer Reveals

Adepticon: Warhammer AoS & 40k Reveals

This is our last post about adepticon reveals and today we want to cover upcoming Warhammer premieres!

One of the most important information of the year was the announcement of the 10th edition of course, but in today’s post we want to focus on all other things announced. 

In the time of humanity’s greatest need, Lion El’Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels has come back from the pages of history. He is an exceptional warrior, armed with the powerful Fealty sword and the Emperor’s Shield. He is a skilled hunter who can track down beasts and traitors with ease. He moves silently through the misty passages between the stars like a heroic knight from Old Terra.

The Gallowdark, a space hulk that has been adrift for thousands of years, is doomed. It is now hurtling towards an unfortunate planet and its destruction is inevitable, with no intervention from deities or mortals being able to prevent it. As a result, it is recommended that your kill teams vacate the area. The Leagues of Votann hulk-delvers in Kill Team: Gallowfall have already planned their exit strategy, but are taking a few keepsakes with them. They will need every advantage they can get, as the Gallowdark is home to unfamiliar creatures and mutated tribes that have been forgotten by the wider galaxy. In the desolate areas, shadowy underhives, and echoing space hulks, Chaos-worshipping Beastmen have established their own communities.

Three new Battletomes were announced as well as new miniatures for Seraphon, Soulblight Gravelords and Cities of Sigmar. It can be a nice revitalization, especially for Cities of Sigmar which is one of the oldest armies. 

Last, but not least, we have a new Underworlds box. In Wyrdhollow you will find two bands:

Domitan’s Stormcoven are three Knights-Arcanum hailing from the Valedictor Temple. They enter the battlefield with a dazzling aura of power surrounding them, dressed in stormstrike armor, making them among the most visually stunning heroes in the Stormcast army. Their mission is to search the realms for mystical knowledge to assist Sigmar in his battle. In the Wyrdhollow, there are numerous magical artifacts to be found that can be useful, especially with a looming magical catastrophe. 

The group opposing Domitan’s Stormcoven is known as Ephilim’s Pandaemonium, a faction of daemons summoned by the enigmatic Ephilim. This sorcerer was once under the tutelage of a Gaunt Summoner, and has since become fixated on documenting different types of demonic beings. Their goal is to transform the Wyrdhollow into a hub of creation magic, a vessel that will give rise to a limitless array of new breeds of daemons.

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