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40k – Kromlech Orks

Check this gallery of Ork miniatures from our partner!

40k – Forest Orks

How much do you know about Orks from 40k universe? This time, we have some fascinating trivia about Orks for you, straight from the grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000: Waaagh! Energy: Orks possess an innate psychic ability known as “Waaagh!” energy. Their collective belief and enthusiasm can warp reality, making their ramshackle machines work and 40k – Forest Orks

40k – Orks Engineering & Machines

Ork Machines and Engineering The Orks are a warlike, aggressive and extremely tough race in the grim dark future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Their culture is focused around constant warfare and conquest, and they love nothing more than a good fight. To support their war effort, Orks rely on their ability to scavenge and 40k – Orks Engineering & Machines

40k – Orks Army Reinforcements

Orks in Warhammer 40k: Fast, Furious, and Fun Orks are one of the most iconic and beloved factions in Warhammer 40k, thanks to their hilarious antics, colorful personalities, and savage combat style. If you’re looking for a faction that combines melee combat, massed firepower, and a healthy dose of randomness, the Orks might be just 40k – Orks Army Reinforcements

40k – Orks Reinforcements

Hello there! Here we go with reinforcements for Orks from the Warhammer 40k universe (be careful these models are slightly converted)!  If you want to see more Orks CLICK HERE Snagga Boyz, also known as Snazzguns, are a subtype of Ork within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They are typically armed with Snazzguns, which are powerful, 40k – Orks Reinforcements

40k – Orks Army & Terrains

“Hit ’em hard, Hit ’em low and give ’em plenty of Dakka” Hello there! Here we go with a very MASSIVE gallery of Orks for Warhammer 40k. What we present here is a quite big army and loads of Ork terrains from Kill Team: Octarius, painted in 2 different color schemes.  The Orks, commonly known 40k – Orks Army & Terrains

40k – Colourful Orks

“Dem Inquisishun humies can’t be trusted any further dan day can be thrown, which in dat one‘s case might be a bad example.” Hello there! We want to present you some alternate color pattern Orks painted from Warhammer 40k If you’re considering why we post so many Orks last time, the answer is pretty easy. 40k – Colourful Orks

40k – Orks Gretchin Army

“What’s it? What’s it? Give Sniklat the shiny.” ‘Ello humies! We fight cos we woz born to fight. And win. And over dere you kan watch our army. We have plenty of Dakka. And well, ‘course dis one’s betta dan uvva orks ova dere! It’s lotz ‘eavier, and gots dem spikey bitz on de ends! 40k – Orks Gretchin Army

Mix of projects – Isildur, Alpha Legion, Orks and Infinity!

Hello Wargamers! Our Studio had a chance to paint some interesting projects in past weeks! I’d like to share with you a small compilation of photos: Infinity Dronbots Ork Megatrakk Isildur and Sauron Alpha Legion Terminators That’s a lot of good models painted by our team! 😀 If you need to paint your own collection Mix of projects – Isildur, Alpha Legion, Orks and Infinity!

40k – Red Orks Forces!

Hello Wargamers,   It’s time for Waaaaaaagh! Our favourite faction strikes back and that’s just a foretaste of all future projects with Orks.    Our team received a commission to create a fast (red colour, you know…) detachment of buggies & warbikes for growing Greenskins army. Mighty Ghazghkull Thraka painted by our Artist  is the 40k – Red Orks Forces!