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40k – Tempestus Scions + Space Marines Heroes

“In the Emperor’s name, let none survive.”

Hello there!

Today we have some interesting miniatures for the Empire from Warhammer 40k.

Main part of our post is Tempestus Scions. They are a special forces unit within the Imperial Guard, also known as the Astra Militarum. They are highly trained and specialized in rapid deployment and assault tactics, often used as shock troops to spearhead major offensives. They are hand-picked from the ranks of the Imperial Guard and are trained at the Schola Progenium, an Imperial institution that trains Imperial Guardsmen, commissars and also Tempestus Scions.

Tempestus Scions are known for their bravery and their ability to complete their objectives, no matter the cost. They are often used in high-risk operations, such as assassination, sabotage and reconnaissance. They are also employed in large scale engagements, where their speed and firepower can turn the tide of battle.

In battle, Tempestus Scions operate in small, highly mobile units, using their specialized equipment to infiltrate enemy lines and wreak havoc behind the front lines. They are also equipped with heavy weapons like Hot-shot lasguns and meltaguns to take on heavy armored enemies.

In addition to today’s post we have 2 Space Marines heroes: Sergeant Castus and Lieutenant Amulius. We hope you’ll enjoy them too!

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