40k – Space Wolves Army

“Follow me, Sons of Russ! This night our enemies shall feel the fangs of the Wolf!”

Howdy Wargamers! How are you all doing today? Not sure about a place you live, but it’s getting pretty cold in Poland. I thought it might be a good time to share our 40k Space Wolves army!

The Space Wolves, known in their own dialect as Vlka Fenryka, or Wolves of Fenris are one of the original XXI founding Space Marines legions. They were led, by their famous Primarch – Leman Russ. Once the VI legion of Astartes, raised by the Emperor at the Dawn of the Great Crusade. Space Wolves were renowned by their anti-authoritarian ways and their embrace of their own homeworld, Fenris’s savage, barbarian culture, as well as their extreme deviation from the Codex Astartes in the chapters organization.

Models were painted accordingly to boxart. I guess that kind of painting scheme really complements their design and overall look. Bases were inspired by “so-called” icy wasteland, in my opinion they really catch Space Wolves vibe. On the pictures you will find: Bjorn the Fell-Handed, Murderfangs, Ragnar Blackmane, Inquisitor Greyfax and some Wolf Priests and  Wolf Lords converted by out team.

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