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40k – Slaanesh Lord Discordant

Howdy Wargamers!

In this entry we would like to uncover Slaanesh Lords Discordant. It was a really long-waited miniature and a pretty hot topic in 40k around a year ago. I was very excited, when I first found out about this model. Boxart pictures looked great and hoped, it will look as good in the real life. Luckly, I wasn’t disappointed with it at all! GW gave us everything we might want to see on that miniature – unique design, interesting ideas and tons of details.

Personally I really like combination of purple and gold, there is something special about it. On the one hand it gives very distinctive, royal look, on the other it still remains how chaos should be – sinister and very eye-catching. We broke the pattern and made it a little more diversified, by adding greens and blue tones. All finished up with rocky-wasteland bases. Very satisfying project! Stay tuned 🙂

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