Minis For War Painting Studio

40k – Sea Tyranid Army

Hello Wargamers!

Minis For War = Big Cool Armies – yeah that’s true! If you have a big project in your mind, we are definitely a good place to ask for help 🙂 


Our Artists painted a solid Tyranid army for one of you. What a perfect timing – new Codex is just around the corner with all new rules and possibilities. 

The main theme of this army is the sea – both models and bases had to be associated with the ocean, sea breeze, venomous water creatures. That’s why we chose turquoise, orange and skin color as a base for our painting.

Additionaly we magnetized a lot of weapons so models can be deployed with different wargear. That was challenging because Tyranids has so many options!


List of models:


  • Hive Tyrant

  • Warriors

  • Tyrannofex

  • Tyrant Guard

  • Zoanthropes


  • Venomthropes

  • Dimachaeron

  • Exocrine

  • Broodlord

  • Genestealers

  • Tervigon

  • Haruspex

  • Gaunts

  • Trygon


That’s definitely not the end of this project – there are still so many amazing models available and I can’t wait to paint all of them 🙂

If you want to work with our Studio – send us a message: