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40k – Renegade Astra Militarum

Unleashing the Renegade Guard: A Punked-Up Astra Militarum Army!

Attention, warriors of the 41st millennium! Prepare to witness a rebellious and chaotic spectacle like no other. Deep within the grim darkness of the far future, an Astra Militarum regiment has forsaken its loyalty to the Imperium, embracing the insidious forces of chaos. Behold the Renegade Guard, a force inspired by punk culture, vibrant graffiti, and intense colors that ignite the battlefield!

This awe-inspiring army came to life through a fusion of official upgrade packs, chaos bits, and the innovative use of 3D printed accessories. The infantry, as the core of this rebellious force, shed their loyalist trappings and adopted symbols of defiance. Official upgrade packs seamlessly integrate with the existing Astra Militarum models, providing a plethora of alternative heads, arms, and equipment options to empower each trooper with their renegade identity.

Yet, the infantry are merely the vanguard of this punk revolution. The Renegade Guard’s vehicles embody the essence of chaos and rebellion, becoming veritable works of art. By incorporating 3D printed accessories and chaos bits, these war machines have undergone a thrilling transformation. Graffiti-covered hulls, spiked protrusions, and dark contours reminiscent of the Borderlands style create an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

What truly distinguishes this renegade army is its striking color scheme, embellishing both armor and vehicles. Each trooper proudly displays their colors, exuding an unyielding spirit. The vehicles themselves have been transformed into mobile canvases of chaotic expression, adorned with vibrant graffiti that intensifies the rebellion’s fervor. The clash of intense colors on the battlefield engenders a mesmerizing spectacle, embodying the punk aesthetic that champions individuality and defies conformity.

But the Renegade Guard’s defiance extends beyond their appearance. The magnetized weapons on their vehicles grant unparalleled flexibility, allowing for complete customization based on the demands of battle. From thundering cannons to devastating missiles, the Renegade Guard can adapt to any situation with ease. This adaptability empowers commanders to tailor their firepower to precise needs, bestowing a tactical advantage over their adversaries.

In summary, the Renegade Guard is an awe-inspiring force—a punked-up Astra Militarum army that embraces chaos, graffiti, and intense colors. With converted infantry utilizing official upgrade packs and vehicles adorned with chaos bits and 3D printed accessories, they stand out amidst the bleakness of the 41st millennium. Charging into battle, they sow anarchy and defiance, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, individuality and creativity can thrive.

And here is a full gallery from this commission:

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