Minis For War Painting Studio

40k – Mech Ork Army, Part I


“Yer boss, dese weapons are the best wunz ever. Da Boyz will hit better, an ‘arder than ever before!”

Hello Wargamers!

I am incredibly happy to reveal one of the most exciting projects, our Studio had a chance to participate in – Mech Ork Army! As you might already expect, that was quite an unusual commission, 100% sure you’ve never seen anything like this before!

Below, you’ll find results of mad Mek’s greatest creation – heavily modified Mech Orks! Before the painting begun, we spent a lot of time on convertion process. Each model is unique (which I believe is quite impressive considering the numbers), with tons of 3rd party bits, such like Kromlech or ArtelW. Building them was a great fun, as it was completely our vision! We really went crazy there! Painitng-wise, we were asked to use yellow, as main color of the army. We decided to combine it with heavily highlighted blue, to achieve truly mad, almost comic look! Ready for more? In the next few days, we’ll be publishing remaining parts of the army! Stay tuned! WAAAAAAGH!

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