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40k – Master of Possession

True power cannot be earned without sacrifice, without pain. And you will know such pain as you have never experienced, brother, that I promise you. I will burn the weakness from your soul, and pour the molten potentiality of the warp into the hollow chambers that remain. Embrace the agony, and you will know a most glorious transcendence.

Hello Wargamers!

How are you doing today? In the last post of this year, we will be featuring Master of Possession from Chaos Space Marines army. Our team painted two variants of that wonderful miniature. Both presents really well, winged version will probably get some more attention. I believe each of them are pretty eye-catching, with colors we’ve chosen, we tried to give them that demonic look, OSL skulls are boosting up the effect.

Our team would like to thank you all for staying with us in 2020, we promise, to keep getting better in 2021! Happy new year folks!

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