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40k – Imperial Fists

For others, the Great Crusade ended long ago. For us, it will not cease until all the worlds of Mankind are united once more and the Emperor’s golden age returns.

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In this post we want to show you some Imperial Fists miniatures for Warhammer 40k.

The Imperial Fists are one of the original First Founding Legions of Space Marines. They are known for their exceptional discipline and tactical acumen, as well as their distinctive yellow power armor. Their Primarch is Rogal Dorn, and their homeworld is Terra.

The Imperial Fists are considered to be one of the most loyal and stalwart of the Space Marine Legions, and have a reputation for being able to hold ground against overwhelming odds. They are known for their heavily fortified and well-defended positions and for their strong sense of brotherhood and camaraderie.

In the Horus Heresy, Imperial Fists fought alongside the Loyalist Space Marine Legions against the Traitor Legions and their Primarch Rogal Dorn was one of the key figures in the final defense of Terra against the forces of Horus.

After the Heresy, the Imperial Fists were divided into several Chapters, with one of them being the Black Templars which is considered one of the most martial and militant of all the chapters.


Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought



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