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40k – Harlequins

Unleash the Ultimate Performers: Harlequins in Warhammer 40,000

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The Harlequins are a faction of the Aeldari race who are dedicated to the god Cegorach. They are considered to be the ultimate performers, with a highly stylized form of combat that is as much about theatrics as it is about killing their enemies.

The Harlequins have a long and storied history within the Eldar race. They were formed during the Fall of the Eldar, a catastrophic event that nearly wiped out their entire civilization. The Harlequins played a key role in the aftermath of the Fall, helping to guide and protect the remaining Eldar.

The Harlequins have a complex hierarchy and culture. They are divided into several troupes, each with its own leader and style of performance. The troupes are highly competitive with each other, constantly vying for prestige and influence within Harlequin society.

In addition to their skills in combat, the Harlequins are also accomplished performers. They use their acrobatic abilities to perform intricate dances and displays, both as a form of entertainment and as a means of distracting their enemies. They are known for their colorful costumes and elaborate makeup, which are designed to enhance their performances and strike fear into their foes.

The Harlequins are also known for their use of advanced technology. They have access to powerful psychic abilities, as well as advanced weapons and equipment, such as the holo-field, which can make them appear as if they are in multiple places at once.

In gameplay terms, the Harlequins are a highly specialized faction within Warhammer 40,000. They are extremely fast and agile, with the ability to move quickly across the battlefield and strike from unexpected angles.

The Harlequins are primarily a close combat army, with a focus on fast-moving melee units. They have access to a variety of melee weapons, including the Harlequin’s Kiss, which is a poisoned blade that can quickly take down even the toughest opponents.

In addition to their melee units, the Harlequins also have access to a range of support units, such as the Shadowseer, who can use psychic powers to enhance the abilities of their allies, and the Death Jester, who can disrupt the enemy with powerful sonic weapons.

One of the key features of the Harlequin army is their ability to use transports, such as the Starweaver and the Voidweaver. These vehicles are fast and agile, allowing the Harlequins to quickly move across the battlefield and get into position for their devastating melee attacks.

Overall, the Harlequins are a challenging but rewarding faction to play. They require careful planning and strategy to use effectively, but in the hands of a skilled player, they can be incredibly deadly and unpredictable.

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