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40k -Grey Knights Army Showcase

We are the warriors of the Grey Knights, armoured in faith, shielded by devotion and armed with purity of purpose”.

Hello Wargamers! Hope all of you are doing great! Sharing our projects is always pretty exciting, but true creme de la creme is coming out tonight – Grey Knights Army Showcase.

The order of the Grey Knights is comparatively invisible, barely a myth or a legend, likely spoken of as Silver Angels. Although the enemies of the Imperium who know their names are forever in fear. Serving as chamber militant of the Inquisition’s order under command of their supreme master – Caldo Drago. Grey Knights are incredible warriors, possessing unique war gear, almost inhuman abilities and all but incorruptible will making them one of the most powerful orders in warhammer’s 40k universe.

As you probably noticed at first glance, these are not typical colors you may find on Grey Knights 🙂 Our Client had a vision of them in red. For a moment I was little sceptical, but might admit I really love them in alternative scheme! Nemesis Dreadknight has magnetized weapons to make it more suitable for different armylists. Finishing large scale projects is always very satysfing, giving whole team a blast!

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