40k – Chaos Votann

Servants of Hashut in Warhammer 40k – Leagues of Votann converted to Chaos

We made another conversion by using 3D printed heads from Lost Kingdom and incorporating chaos bits – transforming ordinary Leagues of Votann models into twisted and malevolent Chaos Dwarves! There you can see many different units from LoV army including Troops (Hearthkyn Warriors), Elites (Einhyr Hearthguard, Cthonian Beserks), Fast Attack (Hernkyn Pioneers), Heavy Support (Brokhyr Thunderkyn) as well as some characters (Uthar the Destined, Einhyr Champion, Kahl).

The concept of Chaos Dwarves is a fascinating and unique aspect of the Warhammer universe. These are Dwarves who have become corrupted by the worship of the Chaos Gods, and they have turned to dark magic and alchemy to achieve their nefarious goals.

Chaos Dwarves have a strikingly twisted appearance, with many of them bearing scars and mutations that make them almost unrecognizable as Dwarves. They are renowned for their blackened, smoke-filled forges, where they craft weapons and machines of war that are as deadly as they are cruel.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Chaos Dwarves is their devotion to the patron deity of their kind, Hashut. This capricious and cruel god demands the sacrifice of slaves and the pursuit of power at any cost, and the Chaos Dwarves eagerly serve his twisted whims.

Despite their formidable power, the Chaos Dwarves are not invincible. They have made many enemies, including the other races of the Warhammer Fantasy world. These other races have long memories of the Chaos Dwarves’ past treacheries, and many seek to wipe them from the face of the earth.

In battle, the Chaos Dwarves are a force to be reckoned with. They use their mastery of alchemy to create twisted war machines and weapons that are as deadly as they are terrifying. They are also known for their brutal tactics, using slaves as cannon fodder and seeking to crush their enemies with overwhelming force.

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