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40k – Black Dragons Army Showcase

“Bless the curse…”

Hello everyone! There is always that special excitement sharing with you our army projects 🙂 This particular showcase is definitely giving us a thrill!

Black Dragons are one of the Space Marine factions. They suffer from very unusual mutation called Ossmodula, causing some gnarly bone growths to grow out of their forehead and forearms. Interestingly, rather than trying to cleanse the mutation, the Black Dragons embraced it instead.

As you probably would imagine, choosing painting scheme was quite obvious. To be honest, that was the only easy task regarding that commission. Working with black is always very absorbing. I guess the most important thing is to find that sweet spot between making it too light, or too dark. Thankfully, our team was able to handle the project, pretty proud of the results we were able to achieve 🙂

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