W40K – Thousand Sons – Ahriman

Hey! Time for a new army on my blog – Thousand Sons.  Enjoy :]

As a first miniature I would like to show you commander of Thousand Sons – Ahriman. It`s very interesting character in 40k universe and I strongly recommend to visit warhammer wikipedia to read something about him. In 2016 Games Workshop decided to re-create whole army with own codex, a lot of new miniatures and heroes. It was a really good move and many players decided to “support chaos and Tzeenth” 😉 I am 100% sure that everybody will be happy with similar refreshment of generic Chaos like Khorne Berserkers or regular “evil marines”.

Above and below a few pics of Ahriman – I hope you like it. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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