Project: Medieval Castle in 1/72 – START!

In this post I would like to start very important project – XI century medieval castle in 1/72 scale. This is my second attempt so please cross your fingers 😉 

If  you sometimes visit my blog, maybe you`ve hit THIS post, documenting the first try to build a stronghold. By the way, it`s one of the most popular texts on my blog with several thousands unique visits. Thank you! A few weeks ago I started preparations for the second version of castle. I am trying to document my entire work and here on my blog I`ll publish it in the form of slightly longer posts, covering a specific stages of construction.

1. Plans

I began my work with complete change in the concept of castle appearance. This time I spent a lot of time digging in plans and sketches to take a little inspiration. For a moment I was also thinking about reproducing the real castle but I have no experience to build a true replica.

My current plan is to mix a few real castles and “compress” them on a smaller surface. I chose the English fortress Chepstow and the French Chateu De Chinon, both of them built around 11th century. The entire project will be kept in the “English” style.



Keep is a very important part of stronghold. Here I was again looking for inspiration among English castles. My eye attached Rochester – a massive building on a square plan 21×21 meters and a height of 38 meters. Construction of keep will be the most demanding stage of entire project so I want to leave it at the end. At this point I also made some necessary calculations of the dimensions of the walls, towers, gates in 1/72 scale.


2. Baseboard construction

Early stage = visit in the local conctruction shop and purchase of tons of tools and materials 🙂 After several experiments with MDF and HDF I focused on XPS styrofoam. I bought two thicknesses – 3mm and 3 cm. Moreover a few good knifes, polymer and PVA glue, paints and brushes.

The next important stage – construction of the “ground”. I am not sure it it was a good idea – I prepared two plywood boxes 92×92. It will allow me (just in case) to split and transport diorama. Boxes are not perfect but I am not a master of wood work 😛 In the future I will make stands for both boxes.

I used polymer glue to connect XPS and plywood. Then  I cut out the “buildings” and planned everything. XPS is imported from eastern countries and fortunately cheap 🙂

After making more measurements  I added XPS in some places. Of course I was impatiend and it was necessary to fix some things (yeah, it is better to let the glue dry) 😛

When everything has dried up, I`ve covered all surfaces with a putty. In some places I will have to repeat the whole process. Later, using a chisel and bookbinding knife I modeled the edges of the area. Castle will have moat.

Next step – diversifying the terrain by adding of stones and boulders. I alse made an additional attack with knife on XPS, to slightly tear the edges. I purchased all stones and sands in local pet shop for just a few coins 😉

When everything was dry enough for the next stage, I decided to make a test fragment of the paved alley. I also used sand to make courtyard. Later I applied black basecolour to rocks and brown paint to sand and moat to create a base for the future painting.

Sanding of the rest areas was the final part of this stage of construction. This is of course only the base, early WIP and all tiny details will appear soon 🙂

The first (and probably the simplest) stage is done. I have a solid baseboard and it is a time to make a next step. In the next episode I will show you my first clash with walls construction and further terrain detailing.

That`s all for today. 🙂 I hope you like it – feel free to leave a comment below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. See you soon!

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