Warmaster 10mm – HUGE High Elves Army!

Time for something special – huge army of High Elves in tiny 10mm scale. Warmaster!

A few days ago I decided to post eagles unit. Today it`s time for the rest of army :>

First of all – I had some issues with making good photos. Lack of my skill and not perfect hardware = troubles with focus. I chose the best shots – enjoy!

In army you may find seven heroes (wizards, commanders etc), 13 stands of heavy cavalry, 8 stands of light cavalry and 6 chariots. Moreover you may see 4 bolt throwers, 12 stands of archers, 14 stands of spearmens and 6 eagles.

Total – 70 stands and more than 360 miniatures 😀

Scale – my lovely 10mm. I hope you like it – I spent a lot of time with this project 🙂

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