Medieval in 1/72 – Village house diorama

Medieval in 1/72 – this project is still in my heart and slowly I`m trying to create my own collection of minis!

It is nearly impossible to find medieval, civilian builings in 1/72 scale. There are some kits from Pegasus and Valdemar Miniatures and nothing more (if you have sth, please write a comment with info!). I decided to try papercraft terrains and combine them with “classic” scenery.

I used free project from Dave Graffam website. Simple hovel was perfect for me – I have never worked with this kind of materials (cardboard / paper) before.

Printing – cheap inkjet printer HP 3540; highest quality of print; technic paper 250g

Assembling – bookbinding glue – it is REALLY easy-to-assemble kit with just 3 parts

Painting – a few coats of matt varnish and really thin coat of washes – airbrushed

Scenery – I am a big fan of Woodland Scenics. In my opinion it is simple and really complex system for terrain making. Flowers are from small Polish manufacture – Paint Forge (check them out!)

Model – civilian model of traveller/peasant comes from one of Strelets kits. They have some really nice boxes!

To sum up – my first papercraft kit, I have still a lot to learn but it is definitely a good way to make own medieval village. I thought about 100% kitbash buildings but I am not ready for spending 100 years on this 😛

For now – that`s all. I`ll be grateful for your feedback in comments section.


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