Age of Sigmar – Khorne Bloodbound – whole army

Blood for the Blood God – welcome on my blog after a long break. I noticed that my folder with pictures of painted minis is way too big. It`s time for changes. I have a plan to write minimum two posts per week ;] So what`s the main theme today?

I decided to show you one of armies which I painted during the past months – Khorne Bloodbound for Age of Sigmar. Below you may find army list:

  • Aspiring Deathbringer with 10 x Blood Warriors
  • 2 z Khorgorath
  • Slaughterpriest
  • Bloodsecrator
  • 40 x Bloodreavers
  • 5 x Chaos Knights

You can like or hate whole AoS setting but the quality of miniatures is awesome. Almost all forces come from starter set with small detachement of independent heroes and horse riders. Details, sculpts – everything is brilliant. Soime time ago I painted Dark Elves army and GW made MASSIVE progress in creation of miniatures. Painting process was a pure pleasure and army has own character. Hope you like it too. Stay tuned and follow Minis For War blog. Cheers! 🙂

Left flank of Khorne army – Slaughterpriest is ready for battle!
Chaos Knights still look good – even in compared to new warriorsWarband is ready for slaughter!
Fanatic Bloodreavers – core of all warbandsBloodsecrator with his despoiled iconFanatic warriors are ready to sacrifice their life for KhorneBlood Warriors – elite champions Standards and banners full of skulls – deadly trophies from battlesKhorgorath – abhorrent monster animated by blood magic Champions of KhorneFlesh and blood, bones and pain Aspiring Deathbringer leads his Blood Warriors

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