Flames of War – Soviet Army showcase!

DSC01425.ARW [1600x1200]


I hope you had a great weekend with dices and brushes 😉 Today absolutely big thing – a full Soviet army for Flames of War! Forces for Mid War 1941-1943 and my favourite scale 15 mm. As usually I had a lot of work with infantry and fun with vehicles. I`m satisfied that this project is finished.

Army list:

  • Strelkovy Company
  • 5 x T34/76
  • 2 x IS-2 w.1943
  • 8 x ZiS-3

Infantry, artillery and IS-2 purchased from Battlefront. T-34/76 made by Plastic Soldier Company.

All tufts – Green Line. Grass from Gale Force 9.

For sure painting is not 100% consistent with the historical realities but it was not my goal. Good tabletop standard was my point and I think that this is achieved.  As I told, 15 mm is my favourite scale and I`d like to see well designed fantasy system with big battles and a lot of miniatures… Maybe in the future…  Anyway – below you may find a gallery with Soviets. Feel free to leave a comment and follow my blog. Soon you can expect some unboxings for FoW so stay tuned!


DSC01422.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01428.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01430.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01431.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01434.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01436.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01437.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01438.ARW [1600x1200]

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