Review [unboxing] – Flames of War – Soviet Paint Set

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Hello Wargamers!

Today I`d like to post something different than miniatures. Here you have short review [unboxing?] of Soviet Paint Set dedicated to Flames of War. I purchased this kit for a few bucks when I started russian army project few months ago. By the way – HERE and HERE you may find some Soviet tanks and guns which I painted 🙂

Price of this box – between 12$ – 20$ – depends on store.

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Inside you may find five paints:

  • Motherland Earth (383)
  • Zhukov Shade (493)
  • Comrade Khaki (326)
  • Greatcoat Grey (305)
  • Tankovy Green (341)

They are packed in plastic blister – additional protection is always a good advantage.

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Bullet-pot is a nice gadget but overall volume of paint… a bit too small. Four pots have only 12 ml – it`s about 1/3 less than standard Vallejo. Tankovy Green has 20 ml pot.

Unfortunately small bullet-pot doesn`t fit to standard paint holders (Hobbyzone).

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If you need some basic paints to work with Soviet units -it is a good kit. You have colours to paint infantry, tanks, guns. Quality of paint – not perfect but satisfactory. Consistency is a little bit too thick but if you have a thinner or water, everything shall be fine. Comrade/Greatcoat/Motherland are good with brush&airbrush. Tankovy is tragic with brush but with thinner and airbrush is a perfect paint.

Zhukov Shade is my favourite part of this box. It`s something between Citadel Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. Great balance between black and brown works well with all green vehicles.

To sum up – Soviet Paint Set is interesting but definitely not worth of money. If you can buy it on sale for few bucks – why not. In any other case – just go to the store and buy standard Vallejo 17 ml pots 😉

rating 1

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