Flames of War – German Mortar Platoon

DSC01321.ARW [1600x1200]


Today something different than 40k. German Mortar Platoon in 15 mm scale from Battlefront Miniatures. Flames of War isnt my favourite game, but they have definitely great miniatures. 15 mm is a perfect balance between scale of battle (10mm) and regular, 28 mm wargaming. I`d like to see 40k in 15 mm <laugh> 🙂

Anyway – mortars are always a good option and support for infantry army lists in FoW. I used Vallejo paints and Green Line tufts. Grass – Army Painter. Check out gallery below and see you soon!


DSC01324.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01326.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01329.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01333.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01337.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01339.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC01341.ARW [1600x1200]

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