W40K – Nurgle Warband

DSC02294.ARW [1600x1200]

Father Nurgle is here!

With a rotting pleasure I`d like to show you Nurgle Warband which I painted for one of the champions of Chaos! As you may see it`s a mix of conversions and standard miniatures. Dark Apostle is a leader of the pack. 16 Nurgle Marines are the fist which will crush servants of false emperor. Traitor guardsmans and Rhino – support and transport on the battlefield. I had really a lot of fun during the painting process 🙂 Enjoy!

DSC02302.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC02322.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC02333.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC02339.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC02346.ARW [1600x1200]

DSC02350.ARW [1600x1200]

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