Green Line Tufts – review [reupload]

Hell-o! I hope your week is great and you spend time in workshop or with friends & wargames. Today on my blog you may find a new review of modelling materials. Feel free to read 🙂

Grass tufts are very popular and useful in each modelling workshop – especially for basing. I`m a big fan of Army Painter and their materials, but this time I decided to try something new. During the last shopping I bought tufts from Fredericus-Rex company from Green Line series.

A small box full of stuff costs around 7$ and contains around 120 tufts. It is much more than we have in similar AP box, so this is a big adventage of Green Line product.

On the back of the package we may see a short instruction.

It is important to write, that Green Line tufts don`t contain glue on the bottom, so you have to plug your own on base (different from AP tufts which contain glue). In my opinion it is not the problem, but it`s worth to say.
In box we may find a lot of stripes of grass. Well-selected colours are another big plus, because they don`t look too artificial.

In the producer`s offer we may find a lot of different sizes and colours of tufts. Height of grass is between 2-7 mm, so it fits to popular 28 mm and 15 mm scale. If you have some experience in modelling, you can try to put tufts to 6 mm model bases. 

Below you may find some close shots and one pic with comparison Green Line to AP. Last but not least important information is density, which is a little less than in Army Painter.

Very good price in compare to number of tufts
– 120 tufts in a box
– Natural colours

– Lack of glue on the bottom of tuft

– Density of tuft

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