W40K – Crimson Fists – Scouts & Speeder

Hello world! Another month passed, a lot of minis painted ­čÖé Today I`d like to show you next update for Crimson Fists army – Land Speeder Storm and four squads of Scouts. Till the end of the week you`ll see some more units like bikers. IMO Crimson Fists blue > Ultramarines blue ­čśë Anyway –[…]

W40K – Triumvirate of Ynnead – Visarch

Gathering Storm storyline has (for now) three books. Second one is focused on Eldars and Triumvirate of Ynnead box contains three amazing heroes – Yncarne, Visarch and Yvraine. In my opinion one of the best sculpts from GW – essence of Eldar race – subtle lines, gems, power weapons… I spent a lot of time[…]

W40K – Wargame Exclusive – Light Side Arahnide

Today something unusual. Some time ago I received small package from Ukraine. Light Side Arahnide set from Wargame Exclusive is one of the best resin kits I`ve ever seen. Really – it`s AWESOME. High quality of sculpt, high quality of material – no flashes, no bubbles. Dream! Kit is really expensive (45 Euro/5 miniatures) but[…]

Dropzone Commander – Shaltari – full army

Another day and another army! ┬áThis time niche wargaming and Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames – it`s a nice system in tiny scale. Definitely one of the best miniatures (quality/details) in 10 mm category. I can compare quality to Dystopian Wars/Firestorm Armada and especially newest sculpts are stunning. Resin is solid and hard with sharp[…]

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Lord on Juggernaut I

Chaos! Last day of May 2016 and more Chaos! Today I`d like to show you Lord on Juggernaut painted by our Studio. This one has a massive daemonic sword and Bloodletter head/hands. I hope you like the conversion and colour scheme. Enjoy!

Dropzone Commander – Scourge Army

Hello Wargamers! This update is absolutely special, because I`d like to show you whole Scourge army for Dropzone Commander! It was my first time with this system and I really like sculpts and quality of miniatures. Local scene of DC here in Warsaw is getting bigger and bigger and I`m curious what will happen after[…]

Scouts Army – project for Winters SEO channel

Hey! I would like to show you one of my last projects – Scouts Army which I painted for Winters SEO channel. I am a big fan of Winter`s work – really appreciate great battle reports with solid commentary. It was a big pleasure to paint minis and when I saw first battle report with[…]

Battle Report on Winters SEO channel!

Hey! Today I would like to share this great battle report from Winters SEO┬áchannel. Grey Knights vs Space Marines and allied Scouts – epic clash! All scouts and speeders painted by our studio – you may find some photos in gallery and tomorrow you can expect special post with tons of pictures! Cooperation with Winters[…]