9th Age/AoS – Dark Elves Army – BIG!

I`m crazy! Third post and third army on my blog 🙂 But my base of unreleased pictures is stil waaay too big. You can check some previous posts related to this army HERE, HERE and HERE. Today I`d like to show you infantry-based Dark Elves army. Forces designed for oldhammer or 9th Age battles but[…]

AoS / 9th Age – Dark Elves – 60 Spearmens!

  Hello Wargamers! Today you may find second unit for Dark Elves army which I painted few weeks ago. Spearmens are core of all (or almost all) DE armies. Here you may find enourmous big mob of infantry – 60 miniatures! All bases are magnetized (for movement trays). Enjoy!