Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters

Howdy Wargamers! We are taking you to fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons. During summer time we’ve been working on couple of D&D monster projects, that we want to uncover today! In my opinion, painted miniatures work great on climatic … Continued

Dungeons & Dragons – Goblin Wolf Riders

Hello Wargamers, how are you all doing today? Today’s entry will be dedicated to Goblin Wolf Riders. Those miniatures are iconic to almost any fantasy world and will make a great addition to narrative games of D&D or any other … Continued

Dungeons & Dragons – Ettin & Water Elemental

Hello Wargamers! Today we’ll be featuring Ettin & Water Elemental! Those miniatures can be used in D&D, or any other RPG sessions, as they are pretty common in a fantasy world. Both of them were vastly enjoyable to paint. Due … Continued

Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters

Hello Wargamers! Today, we would like to remind you “good old times” when friendly meetings on RPG sessions were on the daily bases. Dungeons & Dragons is a heroic role-playing game take place in a fantasy world. You will find … Continued

40k – Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: Ascension

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Hello Wargamers! In this short entery, we would like to share with you, last expansion of our favorite 40k game: Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress. We were very excited, when Ascension was announced and couldn’t wait to get it into our hands. … Continued

Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats & Catacombs part I & II

Hello Wargamers! Have you ever been wondering, how to get non-fantasy, non-Sci-Fi guy or lady into hobby? Is it even possible? Today we would like to show you something, absolutly no one, can resist –  Tales of Cats & Catacombs … Continued

40k – Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: No Respite & Traitor Command

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Hello again! Another pack of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress expansions – No Respite & Traitor Command. No Respite is definitely a must-have to all Papa Nurgle enthusiasts as his blessings set foot on Blackstone Fortress! Exploreres under your command are … Continued

40k – Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: Escalation & Deadly Alliance

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Hello Wargamer! Today we got for you bunch of expansions to co-op Games Workshop game Warhammer Quest Black Stone Fortress. In this entery we will be revealing Escalation and Deadly Alliance! Escalation is a huge one! Chaos Lord – Obsidius … Continued

Board Games – Kingdom Death: Monster

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I think we all agree Kickstarter has revolutionized board games market! The quality of the models and gaming experience itself has skyrocket! In today’s post we would like to show a game with outstanding miniatures: Kingdom Death: Monster. Kingdom Death: … Continued

40k – Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: Cultists of the Abyss

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For Sunday we got for you another expansion of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: Cultists of the Abyss! The set is a great addition to the core game making it even more challenging! In the box you will find: Cultist Firebrand, … Continued

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