Age of Sigmar – Khorne Bloodbound – whole army

Blood for the Blood God – welcome on my blog after a long break. I noticed that my folder with pictures of painted minis is way too big. It`s time for changes. I have a plan to write minimum two posts per week ;] So what`s the main theme today? I decided to show you one[…]

W40K – CSM Forgefiend / Maulerfiend I

Hello Bloggers! We are one step closer to the finish of CSM army project. Today you may see mighty Forgefiend/Maluerfiend machine. Beast made of steel and weapons, possesed by daemons is a deadly danger on battlefield. Miniature is magnetized. I hope you like it! Follow our blog to see the final post 🙂

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Obliterators

  Hello Wargamers! Chaos is rising! Today you may see three mighty Obliterators. Daemonic man-machines are deadly and dangerous on battlefield. Their living flesh can transform to any weapon of destruction – that`s why they are so useful for all Chaos Lords. I hope you like miniatures and painting scheme – soon you can expect[…]

W40K – Nurgle Warband

Father Nurgle is here! With a rotting pleasure I`d like to show you Nurgle Warband which I painted for one of the champions of Chaos! As you may see it`s a mix of conversions and standard miniatures. Dark Apostle is a leader of the pack. 16 Nurgle Marines are the fist which will crush servants[…]