W40K – Necron / Tomb Blades

Today I would like to show you unit of Necron Tomb Blades. Insane fast, deadly vehicles designed for raids and rapid assaults. Enjoy!

Necrons are one of my favourite races in 40k universe (ok, to be honest I like them ALL and I wish to collect them ALL too 😛 ). When I received a new commission job with solid forces, I was really happy.

I did around 20 Tomb Blades in my “career” and in my opinion it`s one of the worst-made Necron kits. A lot of mould lines, too many tiny parts and sometimes flaws of assembling process. I know that it is not the newest kit but still…it could have been better planned.

I am really satisfied with colour scheme – deep blue with orange and green means a lot of eye-candy contrasts. All vehicles look badass on battleboard :>

Soon I will update next Necron units and maybe, maybe castle building update! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Cheers!

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