9th Age/AoS – Dark Elves Army – BIG!

I`m crazy! Third post and third army on my blog 🙂 But my base of unreleased pictures is stil waaay too big. You can check some previous posts related to this army HERE, HERE and HERE.

Today I`d like to show you infantry-based Dark Elves army. Forces designed for oldhammer or 9th Age battles but of course they are ok with Age of Sigmar rules too. My main goals during the painting process were coherent and solid look of army. It had to be red, massive and powerful 🙂

Core forces – 60 spearmens and huge mob of Blackguards. Support – three reaper bolt throwers and two units of crossbowmans. Big mob of cavalry and two heroes as leaders of warband.

Painting process was a big challenge because in the middle of infantry painting I had crisis… Something like “noooo it`s clone army!!”. Dark Elves are really old sculpts and in compare to the newest GW minis… No comment ;P Final result was fortunately better than I expected.

I hope you like it too. Feel free to leave a comment and follow my Facebook profile. Best!

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