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Minis For War in a nutshell


Do you like surprises? Are you a fan of miniatures or you want to make someone a gift? Check out our mysterious box and find out what minis and gadgets we prepared for you this month! Service will be available soon.


If you want to have a beautiful army on the battle table, you could not find better! For many years we paint models for generals from all around the world. If you want to join them – check out our offer.


Soon we will run a small shop where you can find high-quality accessories, terrains and gadgets for your favourite games. You will also find well-painted miniatures and limited time bundle at attractive prices.


A few words about our work
Solid quality, good contact, reasonable price

Minis For War is a studio bringing together artists, enthusiasts and fans of wargaming. We decided to throw himself into deep water and transform your hobby into a real, geek way of life :)
We started in 2010 [formerly under the name Battle Painting Studio] and since that time we painted thousands of miniatures, which hit the battle tables throughout the world.
Our headquater is Warsaw - capital city of Poland. In studio you may hear constantly blaring airbrushes, desks are dotted with hundreds of colors and on the shelves you can see proud squads, regiments and armies which are ready for a battle.
Our main goal is to provide you an excellent quality, a good quick contact and a reasonable and fair price.

  • Materials

    high quality paints and chemistry

  • Vision

    your idea of minis is the most important

  • Experience

    well-painted miniatures for your army

  • Passion

    because we love wargaming and figures